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Monday, December 15, 2008


Layla is our wonderful webmaster and fundraising coordinator. I want to thank her for all the hard work she has done for us. Many times I want to stop doing this work and just be a "normal person." But she inspires me, she keeps me going. That is priceless!

The Holiday Room is great and I look very forward to the Valetine's Room and the Easter Egg Hunt!! She was up so late last night working with Flash and this morning she said to me, "if you ever want Flash work done, I am your girl". :) I have messed up the website a tad but she is redesigning another site so if you see anything strange, that's me. LOL You need a website? Go to http://www.ladybugwebsites.com/ and she will be sure to please with her skills and she donates 100% of the proceeds to us!

Her other business smells gooooood and is located at www.layla.etsy.com I can't believe how it's growing. She hand crafts bath bombs which are very fragrant and fun!! She has hand crafted dog biscuits, Kitty Kickers, pet beds, pupcorn, dog tugs and she mails out items for us everyday.

We had our auction in the middle of this year and she accepted all the items that were donated to us. She put the auction web page up on the internet. She mailed all these items out and that was tiring! She is a wonderful person, I can't express how I feel about her.

Thank you Layla for all your hard work that you do for me and the animals. You know we all love you to pieces!

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kittyanydots said...

hooray for layla :D as an efa member, i thank you too for helping imon! :)