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Please contact us if you need adoption assistance with an animal - if you provide a photo of the animal, we can list it on national databases to help find it a suitable home.

Please*do not* ever give your animal away for free ... learn why.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free to a Good Home ...

If you find yourself in a situation where you must find a home for a pet, please remember one thing. Never give an animal away for free!

You should always charge at least $25 per animal.

Why? Because there are many people who use "free to good home" ads to collect free cats, kittens and dogs and then sell them to research labs. They usually get about $20 dollars a piece. Thus, $25 is the least you should charge.

Even worse, there are people involved in dog fighting that will use cats, kittens, and dogs to "train" pitbulls for dogfighting. Other people just enjoy torturing animals. So as you can see, "Free to good home" ads are a very bad idea!

Don't feel bad for charging a fee. If you do, you can donate the money to an animal rescue.

Obviously you don't have to charge a close friend or family member. But if a stranger wants your pet, remember to charge them an adoption fee.

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Steven said...

My pets mean the world to me...you are doing a good thing here...good luck with the love and care to the poor helpless animals that are in the world.Thanks again for your good work here.nice blog by the way:)