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Friday, June 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Feral Cat

Oh my, oh my, it's getting light out. Walking faster now. The Sun is creeping up, the warm Sun. Walking even faster now. I must, I must find a place to sleep the day away. Oh my the Sun, the Sun. I must hurry now. Looking here and there, I must find a place to hide the day away - a place where I'll be safe and sound. A good place, a dark place, away from the noise, away from the streets, but mostly away from the Beings.

Hurrying more than before. I know it's around here somewhere, but where? Was it under that fence, through the ivy and turn right at the tree or was it a left? No, I'll go right. If I am lucky there will still be water in the puddles for me to drink from last night when all the plants get wet and it rains in there.

Oh, sighing relief. It's just between this wall and the fence, a good place to be. Lots of big green plants, so I won't be seen while I sleep. The big Beings don't come to the back of this place full of trees, plants and bugs. Yes, that looks like a good place - right over there between that wall and all those big plants. I'll be safe here, I hope.

Wow, I am tired. The Dogs chased me last night. I am hungry too. I had to leave the spoiled meat in the trash can, when the Dogs came. Maybe they won't be around tonight and I can still find some scraps left.

I'll just push all these leaves all together in a pile and use it for a bed to sleep on. I am so glad it is summer again, it was so cold last winter, the tip of my tail fell off. That hurt so much.

Aw, I'll lay here and be very quiet like my Mom taught me to be. That big car got Mom just before winter started last year. Only me and one of my brothers made it this far. It was a bad winter. We tried to keep the 2 littler ones warm and fed. I guess we just weren't big enough to take care of them and us too. I miss them and my Mom. I think about her a lot.

Wow, what's that I hear? Sounds like water. I am thirsty; I'll go see before I go to sleep. Gets up and walks around listening. There it is. The Being didn't turn off that thing that shoots water out of it. It's dripping. Oh it tastes so good, much better than puddle water.

Walking back to the bed of leaves and curling up for a snooze. Dear Bast, our great Cat Goddess, thank you for the fresh water and not letting the dogs get me. Thank you for letting me get back to the nursery safe too. If you will Bast, let me find some food with no dogs around tonight, please. And of course bless my brother, the two little ones and my Mom.